Preparing For Bunion Surgery

Preparing For

Bunion Surgery

Splints, stretches, wide shoes – you’ve tried it all to no avail! When a bunion continues to cause you pain and interfere with your life — even after trying every conservative treatment in the book — it’s time to consider a surgical procedure. Of course, the first thing most people in this situation think about is recovering from bunion surgery, but hold everything — believe it or not, how well you do preparing for bunion surgery definitely impacts how well you bounce back! In fact, the more you prepare for your procedure ahead of time, the smoother your recovery will be, and the quicker you’ll be on your feet. So, if you’re ready to turn to bunion surgery for relief, let the preparation begin!

Make a list. Write down any questions or concerns you have about the procedure, as well as after care.

Follow pre-surgery instructions. Find out what kind of tests you’ll need and get them scheduled. Gather medical records, and make sure you are aware of any eating and medication restrictions.

Make arrangements. Take the appropriate amount of time off work, reschedule events on your calendar, and line up a friend or loved one to drive you to and from the hospital, and possibly even stay with you for a couple of days.

Create a recovery zone. Prepare an area to rest with everything you need nearby: pillows, the TV remote, books, a phone, medication, and anything else that will help you relax comfortably and keep you from getting up!

Stock up on food and meals. Make sure your refrigerator and pantry are full and cook meals in advance then freeze for easy eating later. You might even want to prepare some ice-packs to keep handy, too.

Practice and clear a path. Get used to your crutches ahead of time, and rearrange furniture so you can maneuver easily.

Follow these bunion surgery preparation tips and your road to recovery should be smooth and swift! If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call. You can reach our Houston, TX office at (281) 497-2850. We’re always happy to help.

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