Pregnancy – Your Feet Are Working For Two!


Your Feet

Are Working

For Two!

Pregnancy is an exciting time full of adjustments. There are obvious changes to a woman’s body as the baby develops and grows, but there are also less noticeable changes—to the feet. Many women who have never encountered trouble with their feet experience swelling and other conditions during this time. 

People often say, “You’re eating for two,” to an expectant mother. It’s also true that she is walking for two. Carrying the additional weight of pregnancy (anywhere from about 15-30 lbs or more) is hard on the feet.

Common foot conditions during pregnancy include swelling, overpronation caused by falling arches, and plantar fasciitis. None of these are dangerous in and of themselves, but they can cause pain and aching. 

Swelling of the feet is very common during pregnancy due to the body’s production of extra fluids—including blood. The extra weight of pregnancy sometimes results in flattened arches that cause the ankles to roll further inward than normal. This is called overpronation. Foot, heel, knee, and hip pain often occur. 

So what can an expectant mother do to help with common foot pain during pregnancy? Take it easy! Many women find that putting their feet up helps, and icing may be advised by your doctor as well. Wear shoes that fit, and provide the proper support. Remember, your feet are likely to grow during this time, so have your feet measured to be sure that you purchase footwear that fits. Remember to stay hydrated and monitor your sodium intake, since it promotes the retention of fluids.

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