Pointers For A Safe Pedicure

Pointers For A

Safe Pedicure

With Spring right around the corner, the new fashion trends in sandals are hitting the stores. If an open-toed pair has caught your eye and you’re heading to the salon for the perfect pedicure to compliment your cute new shoes, be careful. Without taking proper precautions, you could get toenail fungus from the salon, and that is something that’s never in style.

Follow these safe pedicure tips so you can prevent a fungal infection from ruining your new look this Spring!

Before you go:

  • Call ahead or pay a visit to find out if technicians are licensed and if the equipment is disposed of or sterilized between clients.
  • Resist the urge to shave your legs. Even just small nick in your skin can be an open invitation for fungus to enter.
  • Get recommendations from people you trust.

During your appointment:

  • Make sure the technician has clean hands and does not use sharp tools to cut away calluses or cuticles. A pumice stone should be used to smooth rough skin and a disposable wooden or rubber stick to push back cuticles.
  • Ask for nails to be trimmed straight across and even with the tips of your toes. Bringing your own clippers along will ensure they are sanitary.
  • Make sure to thoroughly dry feet after soaking, and don’t forget between your toes!
  • Bring a pair of shower shoes to slip on so that you don’t have to walk around barefoot.

Following these safe pedicure tips will allow you to leave the salon with toenails that are fungus-free and ready to show off in those cute sandals of yours! For more tips to prevent a fungal infection or help to get rid of one, call our Houston, TX office at (281) 497-2850.

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