Oversleeping – Too Much Of A Good Thing


Too Much Of

A Good Thing

You’ve probably heard how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.  even to nine hours per night is recommended for adults. So, you might think that oversleeping would be extra good for your health? In fact, sleeping too much is linked to serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. While other factors like low socioeconomic status and depression may contribute, people who oversleep have a higher risk of death. 

Some people who oversleep do so because of a medical disorder called Hypersomnia. This causes a person to be tired all day with no relief even from napping. Another disorder, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, interrupts the sleep cycle because the person stops breathing and wakes as a result.

Do all people who oversleep have an illness? No, some people just require more sleep. Lifestyle can also play a role, especially if alcohol or drug abuse is involved.  Medications and depression are other common causes.

Several medical conditions are related to getting too much sleep including diabetes, back pain, heart disease, being overweight, depression, and headaches. In some cases, the link between oversleeping and illness is not completely understood, but is important information to have if you sleep more than nine hours per night. Some of these illnesses, like diabetes and obesity, are also linked to foot conditions. If you are sleeping too much, see your doctor. A complete exam will help to eliminate illness as the cause. 

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