No Need To Sacrifice Style

For Bunion Care During The Holidays

No Need To

Sacrifice Style

For Bunion Care


The Holidays

After the ball has dropped and the toasts have been made, you may be feeling the pressure of the holiday season from head to toe.   Between taking in the Festival of Lights and ringing in the New Year by dancing the night away with the Level One Band at the Music Café, you have most likely worn your fair share of dress shoes over the past month As many of us know, there is nothing more painful than sticking a foot with a bunion on it inside a pair of heels for hours on end.

A bunion forms when the big toe is forced against the other toes, which pushes the joint in the incorrect direction. Over time this causes swelling and pain.  One of the biggest factors contributing to the discomfort of bunions iswearing shoes that are overly tight.

There are many options for bunion care, if you’re experiencing the post-holiday bunion blues. Many shoe designers have a flatform shoe where the weight is distributed evenly throughout the foot, and not entirely on the balls of the feet as with heels. Riding boots or flat sandals can also be a way to present a stylish look without sacrificing comfort.

For those ladies who simply cannot give up their heels there is the option of using a bunion splint. A splint will gently pull the big toe away from the other toes, while offering arch alignment as well. 

Most importantly, when the jingle bell rocking is done, remember to put your feet up and let them rest. You can also place an ice pack on your toes, which lessens the swelling and adds further relief.

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