Neuroma Pain Can Put A Damper

On Your Holiday Mood

Neuroma Pain

Can Put A

Damper On

Your Holiday


As the holidays draw near, shopping is in full swing. From hunting down bargains on Harwin Drive to perusing the gift shops after a visit to one of Houston’s museums, you have many options to find that one-of-a-kind item for your special someone. Unfortunately, spending hours on your feet walking or standing in line can bring on a burning ache between your toes that’s impossible to ignore. That pebble-in-your-shoe feeling might mean you have a neuroma.

A pinched nerve – often between the third and fourth toes – is called a neuroma. Many factors can cause a neuroma in your foot. You may have a high arch or flat foot that puts extra pressure on the nerves in the ball of your foot. You may have injured it, and the trauma caused inflammation and swelling that compresses the nerve. If you play sports or work in an occupation that puts stress on your toe joints (think baseball catcher, or a job that has you on ladders all day), these joints can become irritated and damaged.

Shoe choiceis another big factor. If you wear shoes that cram your toes into pointy ends, or heels that force all your weight on the balls of your feet, you are asking for trouble. You may not realize the amount of stress your feet and toes absorb until the pain starts, and then instead of pursuing the perfect gift, you’ll be seeking pain relief.

At Parker Foot & Ankle, we specialize in nerve problems of the feet. We understand the pain that a neuroma causes, and our expert staff can recommend successful treatments to get rid of it. Put our expertise to work, and find the right solution for your aching toes. Call us at (281) 497-2850, or request an appointment online, and enjoy the rest of this holiday season without the pain.

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