Nerve Pain, Nerve Pain, Go Away

Nerve Pain,

Nerve Pain,

Go Away

Here in Houston, we know far too well of the flooding and torrential downpours a rainy season can bring. Those with nerve problems can relate to feeling helpless while waiting for rains to diminish, as they often feel the same way when looking for ways to ease their pain.

However, just as clouds give way to blue skies, there is hope on the horizon that nerve pain can become a thing of the past with the advanced treatments for nerve problems at Parker Foot & Ankle.

By combining cutting edge technology, we are able to alleviate the tingling, numbing, burning, and painful sensations that nerve damage can leave behind, not only short-term, but long-term, too!

Combination Electro-Analgesia Therapy (CET) uses anesthetic injections to block damaged nerves, then calls on a treatment called Neurogenx to send electronic signals to the affected area. These electric waves encourage healing as well as new cell growth. The combined techniques can also be joined by our laser light therapy that further reduces inflammation and painful symptoms. It’s all part of our unique package of advanced treatment options we can provide to make your nerve pain go away, and not come back another day!

You don’t have to helplessly sit by and let nerve pain negatively impact your quality of life. Find out more about our advanced treatments for nerve problems that can help you get back to happier days.

Call (281) 497-2850 to make an appointment with Dr. Robert Parker in Houston, TX. The wait is over and the forecast looks great!

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