Discovering How and Why to Care for Your Feet

We feel that it is our duty to not only help our patient’s feet look and feel their best, but also to educate our patients on how to properly care for their feet on their own. Come see how our knowledge can help teach you how to avoid potentially harmful foot problems and disorders.

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  • The Five Stages of Neuropathy Peripheral neuropathy doesn’t just get worse with time—the nature of the symptoms change. Learn more about the five stages, which stage you’re currently in, and what your prognosis may be.
  • Diet and Neuropathy Go Hand-in-Hand Too much sugar and not enough healthy fat is a recipe for inflammation, chronic pain, and long-term damage to your peripheral nervous system.
  • Houston’s Neuropathy Problem We have a “silent” epidemic of neuropathy—both in Houston and around the globe. Dr. Robert Parker explains why this condition is so prevalent and dangerous, and what you can do about it.
  • Neuropathy and Skin Care Diabetes is a common cause of neuropathy, but it’s not the only one. Dr. Parker discusses causes of neuropathy and how to care for skin when you can’t feel.
  • Healthy Habits for Neuropathy Dr. Robert Parker shares how to make lifestyle changes and start healthy habits that will help manage neuropathy symptoms.
  • Nerve Pain, Nerve Pain, Go Away Dr. Robert Parker talks about the many advanced treatment options available at Parker Foot & Ankle to alleviate nerve pain.