Morton’s Neuroma – Yoga May Help



Yoga May Help

Yoga may seem like an exercise for the rich and famous. After all, Jennifer Aniston and Jon Bon Jovi tout its benefits. Even if you don’t have your own private studio, yoga can provide surprising benefits for anyone willing to try it. From the head to the toes, this ancient workout is said to strengthen and balance the body. The feet are no exception, and some yoga poses focus on stretching the foundation of your body. 

Morton’s neuroma affects the nerves and results in a tingling sensation between the third and fourth toes. Intense pain often coincides with this feeling. Numbness may occur, and some people experience severe symptoms that leave them searching for answers. 

Invasive measures may seem to be the only way to end the discomfort associated with this condition. However, yoga can be a great alternative. Pain stems from a nerve that is being squeezed.  Stretching the toes can alleviate the symptoms and get you back on track. This type of exercise is most beneficial when signs of trouble first develop, which is why it’s important to never ignore pain in the feet.

Poses that stretch the feet are very important in the battle against this nerve condition. The mountain pose requires you to spread the toes while standing. Other positions send you to your mat, but the focus is still on strengthening the toes. Reducing the irritation of the nerve as the area is stretched will help to end your foot pain.

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