Morton’s Neuroma And Athletes:

Not A Great Combo


Neuroma And


Not A Great


If you are training for The Woodlands Marathon coming up in Houston you know just how important it is to avoid injury that could cause you to be on the sidelines rather than in the big race. One of the most common ailments that athletes deal with is Morton’s neuroma. The pain and swelling of this condition can make running quite uncomfortable.

A neuroma is when the nerves in the ball of the foot thicken and bundle together. You might experience tingling and burning in the toes, and it can make running and walking extremely painful. Trauma to the nerves is typically the cause. The repetitive hitting of the foot against the ground can certainly bring about a case of Morton’s neuroma and athletes (specifically runners) are prime targets. Women who wear tight high heels can also suffer from this condition, and then sometimes the only treatment needed is to switch shoes.

Treatment is usually conservative for this problem. It can involve taping the toes, wearing a custom-made-orthotic or shoe insert, or cortisone injections. Sometimes the neuroma doesn’t respond to these treatments and more invasive means are needed. Cutting a ligament could relieve some of the pressure, but the most extreme cases can be resolved by the removal of the nerves. This will cause permanent numbness.

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