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January is National Creativity Month, so whether you have a whole craft room in your house or just appreciate a little creative problem-solving, this is a great month to challenge yourself. It’s an excuse to try something new, like a house project you’ve put off. On the other hand, you shouldn’t need a special month to be creative in resolving your foot pain. Some problems, like Morton’s neuroma, can linger and be difficult to manage. A little creativity with home remedies for a swollen nerve can go a long way, and lead you to solutions like a massage for foot pain.

Morton’s neuroma is a swollen, irritated nerve that’s been pinched between two metatarsal heads. Weight on the forefoot tends to make it worse, while minimizing the pressure and relaxing the feet can make it feel better. Simple home remedies that help with the pressure, such as a self-massage, could make a difference for your comfort.

It’s pretty easy to give yourself a massage for foot pain, and there are several ways to do so. Simply taking off your shoes and gently rubbing the sore area with your fingers may help. This encourages healthy circulation to the forefoot and can relax uncomfortable soft tissues. Ice massages are another option. The cold discourages swelling and helps bring down inflammation around the nerve.

Of course, there are other helpful home remedy options as well. Changing your shoes to types with wide, rounded toe boxes, low heels, and cushioned soles can help. This reduces pressure on your forefoot, relieving the nerve. Using pads under the painful area to help cushion the spot a little more may help as well. You might need a break from some of your activities, too, particularly if you do a lot of hard-impact sports.

You shouldn’t have to learn to live with Morton’s neuroma pain. If home remedies aren’t enough, let our team at Parker Foot & Ankle know and see how we can help. Just contact our Houston, TX, office for an appointment. You can call (281) 497-2850 or use our web request form to reach us.

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