Lower Heel Pain Risk with Lower Impact Exercises

Dr. Robert Parker
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Dr. Parker is a podiatrist and surgeon in Houston, TX who has been helping patients for more than 40 years.

If you’ve been training for the St. Paddy’s Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Half Marathon, you’ve probably put in a lot of miles – which means your feet have taken a lot of pounding! If that’s the case, your heels are likely starting to protest, however, you don’t have to depend on the luck of the Irish to side step heel pain. Simply incorporating lower impact exercises into your routine will lower your risk of injuries, including those that cause your heels to hurt! Try these options that put less pressure on your feet, yet still keep you fit:

Low impact workouts for heel painWalking – slow down and take a stroll from time to time. You’ll still get in your distance, only with less stress involved!

Using an elliptical – since your feet stay put with this machine, you can put your body through similar motions to running but without the pounding.

Lifting weights – strength training is a great compliment to your workouts and will help you stay strong throughout your race.

Rowing/kayaking – it might seem like you only use your arms for these activities, but you need your feet and legs to power through, which means you get exercise even from a seated position – how great is that?

Yoga – stretches help keep muscles limber and less likely to strain, so it makes sense that doing yoga will help you stay injury-free, and as a bonus, increase your flexibility, strength, and balance!

Cycling -- like the elliptical, since your feet stay on the pedals, you can get a workout in without putting stress on your heels.

Swimming – this is an excellent total-body workout and a perfect way to keep heels happy while you keep in shape.

Hey, if you can incorporate cycling and swimming both, maybe you can train for a triathlon next! Just remember, high impact exercises without a break can make you prone to problems like heel pain. Throw in some lower impact exercises like these so you can stay on course to cross the finish line injury-free!

For more tips on keeping heel pain at bay, this is your lucky day! You can order our free book to help with hurting heels, or contact our Houston, TX office by dialing (281) 497-2850, and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

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