Laser In On Tendonitis Pain

Laser In On

Tendonitis Pain

Whether you like a quick 3-on-3 basketball game or enjoy an invigorating game of tennis, all that running, jumping, twisting and turning can end up giving you problems with your Achilles tendon. Overuse can cause the tendon or its sheath to degenerate, leading to stiffness and aches, or immediate trauma can cause the tissue to rupture, causing more intense pain and immobility. To explore your treatment options, read on to find out about laser therapy for tendon pain.

This treatment uses light energy to stimulate your cell activity. The device emits specific wavelengths of light that produce an analgesic effect by blocking transmission of pain signals. It also uses other wavelengths that promote blood and lymphatic circulation, which increases absorption of excess fluid and reduces swelling. With this synchronized therapy, both actions reinforce each other to offer faster relief and may speed up the healing process.

The treatments themselves are not painful. They are done right in our office and take less than an hour. A series of 6 – 8 treatments may be needed, done 2 to 3 times a week for 2 to 3 weeks. There are no known side effects as there can be with certain medications. They may be combined with other treatments, or used as an alternative if other remedies are not working.

You need to know that many insurance companies consider laser therapy to be experimental for most applications and may not cover the procedure. More testing and research needs to be done to prove its effectiveness, but some studies have shown promise.

If you injure your Achilles or another tendon in your foot or ankle, call Parker Foot and Ankle in Houston at (281) 497-2850 and come in to discuss your options. We can diagnose your injury and help you decide whether conservative remedies, surgery, or laser therapy might be the best course for you. We look forward to restoring your lower limbs to full health and function as quickly as possible.

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