Keep Feet Warm In Winter

Keep Feet

Warm In Winter

Winter in Houston can mean the temperatures are dipping lower, and the rain is falling down. When you do your favorite outdoor activity, whether it is hiking at the nature center or taking your daily run, you might find yourself wondering about the best way to keep feet warm during these wetter, winter months.

It’s important that your feet stay warm and dry. When they are too moist, it can be an invitation for a fungal infection, and if they are too cold, your circulation can be affected. Believe it or not your sock choice is just as important as your boots or shoes, if not more so! Pick a pair of socks that are made of fleece instead of cotton. You can even double up or wear a liner to keep moisture away.

When it comes to your boots, there are several things to keep in mind. They should be made out of breathable material so that perspiration isn’t locked inside. There should be good insulation so that your feet will stay warm. As always, they need to be sturdy with good arch support and wiggle room for your toes. If the support isn’t strong enough you could always consider using a shoe insert.

It’s not difficult to keep feet warm and dry during the winter. It just takes some planning and some knowledge. If you have more questions about cool weather foot care or would like to schedule a consultation about a foot problem, call Dr. Robert Parker today at (281) 497-2850 or schedule an appointment online. At Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston, we can help keep the pep in your step all the way to summer.

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