How To Keep Toenails Safe This Summer

How To Keep

Toenails Safe

This Summer

Houston gets pretty darn hot in the summer, which means sweaty feet when you’re exercising outside, and an increased risk of a fungal infection if you move your workout inside. You just can’t win – unless of course you follow these tips to keep toenails safe and fungus-free!

When you have healthy toenails, they look good in sandals and stay comfy in athletic footwear. Fungal toenails on the other hand, look yellow, thick, and crumbly and can even make wearing shoes painful. Don’t let that happen to you!

If your socks get sweaty, change them! It’s better to have more laundry than toenail fungus. Also, opt for socks made of materials that wick moisture away.

Keep your nails trimmed straight across and even with tips of toes, and always sterilize your clippers between jobs.

If you plan to head to the gym, don’t forget your shower shoes to protect your feet from the fungus lurking on the floors!

Make sure your shoes fit properly, too. Squished toes can end up with ingrown nails or toenails that turn black from repeated pressure against the front of the shoe, neither of which are any prettier (nor any more comfortable) than fungal nails!

Finally, if you notice that one summer day, your healthy toenails have a white spot or yellow streak – that’s your cue to call us! Our fungal nail laser treatment will stop the fungal infection fast by eliminating the fungus beneath the nail – catch it early and you won’t miss a step this summer. Contact our Houston, TX office at (281) 497-2850 so you can stay safe and healthy from head to toenail! 

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