How Lasers Work To Relieve Neuropathy

How Lasers

Work To



Every day researchers are understanding more about the possibilities for using lasers in the medical field. Surgeons use them for more precision and less collateral damage when doing certain procedures. Many podiatrists, including our practice here in Houston, use them to kill the microorganisms that cause fungal toenails. Laser therapy for neuropathy pain is another field where treatment possibilities are expanding. How can lasers do all these disparate things?

One reason is that different types of treatments use different gases (like CO2 and Argon) to produce the laser beams, resulting in different wave lengths and strengths for different types of surgeries. For nerve pain, low level laser therapy (LLLT) seems to be the most effective. Your body’s cells react to the photons in the light beams in a way that modulates cell activity. Thus, these infrared or near infrared rays can help to:

  • Promote healing of nerve cells. (In many cases, your body can’t grow new ones, so repairing the damaged ones is the only way to regain proper nerve function.)
  • Release natural endorphins that lessen your feeling of pain. (The rays enhance the work of endogenous opioids.)
  • Form new blood vessels to bring needed nutrients to the nerves (by increasing vascular endothelial growth factors).
  • Aid in tendon and ligament fiber repair by synthesizing collagen. (Stronger connectors could relieve pressure on nerves that cause pain.)
  • Reduce scarring and thickening of nerve fibers (fibrosis)

The result is that you can rebuild healthier nerves that function the way they should. Instead of numbness, you regain sensation. Instead of tingling and sharp pains, your nerves don’t conduct these “false” signals and your pain is reduced.

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