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Get Pumped

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Whether you’re ready or not, Valentine’s Day is here. It’s the night that gets your heart pumping—whether with happiness about spending time with your sweetie, or nerves over planning the perfect date! A pounding heart is more than just an expression of a romantic evening, of course. It’s also a sign that your blood is flowing well. For people with poor circulation, this is important! You don’t have to wait for romantic butterflies to get your heart pounding, of course. Exercise for poor circulation can get that blood all the way into your extremities where it’s needed.

Weak circulation creates a variety of problems for your lower limbs. It slows down healing for injuries and, in the case of peripheral arterial disease, causes cramping and pain. Increasing your blood flow, though, can fight these complications. It brings much-needed nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and other soft tissues. One of the best ways to get your heart pumping blood all the way to the toes is to exercise and increase your heart rate.

Many types of cardio work as exercise for poor circulation. Some easy ones for you to try could include:

  • Walking – Walking is great for the heart. Start slowly and walk for 20 – 30 minutes, or as long as you can without pain, three to five times a week.

  • Biking – Ride your bike for at least 30 minutes a few times a week. Be sure to ride hard enough to increase your heart rate.

  • Swimming – This is particularly good for your cardio health. Try swimming laps at a manageable pace a couple times a week.

Strengthening exercises for the lower limbs can help encourage better blood flow to the feet, too.

  • Leg Extensions – Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor. Slowly extend one leg at the knee, then lower and repeat with the other leg. Do this ten times.

  • Calf Raises – Hold on to a chair for balance. Standing with your feet apart, rise up on your toes and lower back to neutral. Repeat ten times.

Getting good blood flow to your feet is important for your lower limb health, and exercise for poor circulation is a key part of that. Our team at Parker Foot & Ankle will help you create a foot-safe program. Just contact our Houston office for an appointment. You can call (281) 497-2850 or use the web request form.

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