Flip Flops? Think Twice.

Flip Flops?

Think Twice.

Most people have a favorite pair of flip-flops—those warm weather favorites. However, a recent study conducted by Auburn University looked at the effects of flip-flops on the feet, and found that pain in the feet and legs may result. The main cause of this pain was a common change in gait noted among study participants. People tend to cling to them with their toes and use shorter steps. 

Instead of gathering up your favorite pairs and heading to the trash can, make some changes in how you wear this type of shoe. Flip-flops are not built to be worn all day, because they offer no support for the ankles and the feet. If you are going to the beach or pool, the ease of this footwear is unbeatable. However, if you plan to go on a day-long outing, choose a comfortable, supportive shoe. 

Other concerns regarding flip-flops include injuries to the ankles and the lack of bend. Properly fitting shoesshould bend at the same places as your foot does naturally. However, the standard rubber soles of these shoes do not conform in this way, and some do not bend at all. Blisters can also result due to the straps hitting the top of the feet and rubbing. 

How often are you wearing your favorite pair of flip-flops? If the answer is every day, all day, you’re setting the stage for foot and ankle pain. Call the office of Dr. Robert Parker to end the pain in your feet, and get back to the life that you want to live. Schedule an appointment online, or call the Houston, TX office at (281)497-2850.

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