Fix Your Ugly Toenails With Advanced Laser Treatment

Fix Your Ugly

Toenails With

Advanced Laser


There are certain occasions when you want to look your very best from head to toe. Summer weddings come to mind, as do holiday parties throughout the year, or trips to the ocean or lake when your only coverings are a swimsuit and sunscreen! Baring your toes when they have toenail fungus can be embarrassing because of the way they look, but it’s not wise to always cover them up with nail polish either. What’s a girl—or guy—to do?

Parker Foot & Ankle has the answer: laser treatment for fungal nails! What? No messy creams or gels? No pills? Well, maybe if you have a particularly bad case and we want to add a little insurance medicine, but normally zapping your nails once or twice with our Fotona laser will kill the fungus and allow new, clear nails to begin growing out.

It’s a simple process. You simply sit in the comfortable chair while we move a wand over the affected nails that delivers the intense light beams. No anesthetics, no pokes, no recovery times from minor surgery—just a warm sensation as the laser beams move through the nail to reach the fungus underneath and vaporize it. There are also no side effects like the ones that come with oral medication.

Remember that toenails grow more slowly than fingernails, so it may take a while for the old nail to grow out. If you have a really special occasion, ask us about what you can do to temporarily help your nails look better.

We are always interested in bringing the latest high-tech treatments to our patients, and our laser treatment devices have many other applications besides treating nail fungus—such as relieving tendinitis or neuropathy pain. If you’ve decided it’s time to take care of your ugly toenails, call Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston at (281) 497-2850 and set up your appointment for your first treatment.

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