Exercising With Diabetic Foot Pain

Exercising With


Foot Pain

The Fourth of July is this weekend and what would Independence Day be without the annual Dow Firecracker 4? This event takes place in Lake Jackson, TX, and begins at 7:30 AM. If you have diabetes and would still like to run, now is the time to think about safely exercising with diabetic foot pain.

People with diabetes should not just jump into a new exercise routine. If you are a runner with this disease, you probably know where your limit is. You most likely have a routine you stick to daily that works for you. Not all diabetics have this.

One of the main complications associated with diabetes is neuropathy. This is when the nerves are so damaged that you begin to lose feeling in your limbs. It’s also one of the many reasons that many diabetics feel they can’t do exercises that involve their feet. They are just in too much pain and discomfort. If you choose to run and it works for you, then keep doing it. If not, there are other kinds of exercise that you can do.

If running or walking prove to be too painful, try low-impact aerobics instead. This could include swimming, yoga, or even riding a bicycle. Don’t over exert yourself. Start slowly and build up to longer periods of exercise.

Even simple household chores can count as exercise. Doing yard work or cleaning the house is a great way to burn calories and get your heart pumping. Have fun with your workout, because if you don’t feel motivated, then you won’t continue. Mix it up!

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