Diabetic? Avoid Being Barefoot


Avoid Being


Celebrity Paula Deen publicized her battle with diabetes in the last year. Maintaining weight, exercising, and eating healthy foods are just a few ways to control blood sugar. The feet are greatly affected by this disease as well. So along with changes that promote healthy living, consider ways to protect the feet.

Diabetes causes nerve damage in the feet that can result in numbness. It is possible for a diabetic to injure the feet, and not even realize it. This means that a cut, puncture wound, or a small splinter can go untreated. Decreased blood flow, also a result of this illness, slows the body’s immune response leaving the feet vulnerable to infection after an injury.

How can you protect your feet from this danger? First, always wear shoes. You may be tempted to slip on a pair of flip-flops to meet this requirement, but that’s not a wise choice. The toe piece can rub against the skin causing a blister (another opportunity for infection). Also, the thin sole doesn’t provide protection against sharp objects. If you go barefoot because your shoes hurt your feet, visit Parker Foot & Ankle to learn about custom diabetic shoes and orthotics that can provide relief from foot pain and safety from injury.

Secondly, check your feet daily. Self-exams of the feet are the first line of defense against infection that can lead to serious consequences—even amputation. If you have a difficult time inspecting your feet, ask a loved one to assist you.

Finally, make an appointment for regular podiatric care in our office. Our professional, expert team will assess the condition of your feet. If concerns are noted, you can rest assured that you are being treated by the best.

Risking the health of your feet has serious consequences. Treat your feet well by protecting them from injury and seeing Dr. Robert Parker with any questions or concerns. Call our Houston, TX office today at (281)497-2850 to make an appointment with Houston’s High Tech Podiatrist, or schedule online.

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