Diabetes And Nerve Damage – What Can You Do?

Diabetes And

Nerve Damage:

What Can

You Do?

Diabetes does not discriminate. Anyone can develop this serious illness—just ask Bret Michaels or Halle Berry. While most people think about blood sugar levels when they hear the word, the disease has far-reaching effects. One of the most serious isneuropathy or nerve damage. What are the causes?

Unmanaged blood glucose is the biggest contributing factor to diabetic nerve damage, which results in the loss of feeling and sometimes pain. The transmission of signals is affected and the capillaries that nurture the nerves are weakened. Smoking and abusing alcohol also damages nerves, which is why diabetics are cautioned to avoid both. Genetics and certain responses of the immune system cause the deterioration as well. 

If you have diabetes, checking your feet daily is one of the most important things that you can do to maintain good health. Cuts and scrapes may go unnoticed due to numbness. Infection can take root quickly and poor blood circulation, also a result of the disease, means that healing times are lengthened. 

Visiting Parker Foot & Ankle for regular check-ups is also key to proper care. Nerve testing can reveal the extent of the damage to your feet, and our expert staff will advise you regarding proper care for the diabetic foot. Specializing in nerve disorders and treatments, our office is the place to find answers to all of your nerve-related questions. 

Houston’s High-Tech Podiatrist Dr. Robert Parker looks forward to providing you exceptional care. Understanding the impact of diabetes on the feet is crucial to proper care. Call our office at (281) 497-2850 or make an appointment online. 

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