Choosing The Best Racing Shoes For Diabetic Feet

Choosing The

Best Racing

Shoes For

Diabetic Feet

Running shoes and diabetes may not seem like two things that go together. Whether you are just a beginner or are gearing up to do the Biggest Loser Half Marathon next month, you shouldn’t let your diabetes get in the way of your physical fitness.

It might seem too difficult at first. You might think you don’t have enough energy or that your feet will fail you, but don’t give up. The first step in becoming a runner is choosing the right running shoes. People with diabetes have many reasons to be concerned about their feet. From poor circulation to peripheral neuropathy, there are many things to consider.

Finding the right pair of shoes can seem daunting at first, but here are some things to keep in mind. Your shoes should never feel uncomfortable or need to be “broken in.” Right from the outset, even in the store, your feet should feel at home in your shoes. They must have a wide toe box for plenty of wiggle room, and they should offer you good support and cushioning. If you have diabetes, you should have both feet measured. Many times one foot is slightly longer than the other, and each shoe needs to be a perfect fit.

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