Children’s Flat Feet—What’s A Parent To Do?


Flat Feet:

What’s A Parent

To Do?

The recent Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber escapades have many moms and dads questioning whether or not their children should be fans of these once kid-friendly stars.  Whether the issue is education, entertainment, or diet, parents have a lot to consider when it comes to the whole health of their children. 

From their heads to their toes, kids need medical attention routinely.  An injury or high fever requires quick action, but how do you respond to complaints of foot pain?  Are flat feet a possible cause?

Pain in the feet should never be ignored, because it is not a normal occurrence.  Some parents may attribute it to high impact activity or “growing pains.”  However, when healthy, our feet should withstand all of this stress without resulting discomfort.  Pediatric flatfoot may be the cause of your child’s symptoms. 

How can you tell if your child’s feet are causing them pain?  Watch the way your child walks:  do you notice limping? Reduced activity? Reluctance to wear shoes?  Changes in gait?  All of these are signs that your child’s feet hurt.  Find help today by calling our Houston, TX office at (281) 497-2850. 

Dr. Robert Parker and his expert staff understand the importance of great foot health for your children.  If you suspect a problem, you’re not alone.  Schedule an appointment today for a full evaluation and diagnosis.  Conservative treatment options for pediatric flatfoot include custom orthotics, a change in shoe gear, and physical therapy.  Request an appointment online and find the help your child needs to enjoy each step of the journey!

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