Causes Of Winter Foot Pain

Causes Of


Foot Pain

Whether you are a Winter Olympic athlete or just enjoy ice skating at The Galleria, you might have winter foot pain to deal with.  People don’t often associate the cold weather with problems with their feet, but icy conditions can cause a multitude of issues, and not just for those who participate in the ski jump or ice hockey.

One of the biggest reasons that people complain of soreness is because of ill-fitting boots and shoes.  Snow boots are not known for offering much in the way of arch support, so it’s important to wear a shoe insert as well.  Other problems that can occur when footwear doesn’t fit properly include Skier’s Toe, or black toenail, which is occurs when blood pools underneath the nail. Morton’s Neuroma is caused by pinched nerves, and we’re all familiar with the pain of blisters.

Chilblains are another cause of pain in colder climates.  These occur after the feet are exposed to freezing temperatures and then warm up too quickly, causing the blood vessels to constrict and then release blood into the tissue.  Redness and itchiness are symptoms of this condition and if irritated infection can set in.  It’s important to let your feet warm up gradually, and if a chilblain develops—don’t scratch it!

Our feet support us during all months of the year, and we should do our best to take care of them and keep them free of pain.  If you are experiencing soreness, give Dr. Robert Parker a call at 281-497-2850 to schedule an appointment.  At Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston we are here to take care of all of your podiatric needs.

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