Can Knee Pain Be Caused By Flat Feet?

The Answer Is In A Song

Can Knee Pain

Be Caused By

Flat Feet?

The knee bone is connected to the leg bone. The leg bone is connected to the ankle bone. Guess where they all lead? That’s right—to the foot bone! All roads lead to the foundation of the body, so it’s not a surprise that flat feet make a big impact on how you feel from your head to your toes.

Not convinced? Consider the work that the arches of the feet do to absorb the shock of each step. If there is little to no arch, as in the case of flat feet, weight is distributed unevenly. What happens next is the key to why many with this arch type also experience pain in the knees.

As the foot strikes the ground, one of three things occurs. The foot either pronates normally, over-pronates, or under-pronates. What does it all mean? The ankle must roll inward to some degree as a step is completed, however, the ankles of a person with a non-existent or low arch will roll excessively. Pain is often felt in the ankles and the knees as the stress travels up the body.

If your knees hurt, you may not have a knee problem – you may have a foot problem. In fact, if you don’t treat the source of your discomfort, it will continue and often worsen. Some people experience chronic issues as a result of ignoring the signals sent by the feet. Don’t make that mistake – call Parker Foot & Ankle today to schedule an appointment. Houston’s High-Tech Podiatrist is here to serve you with expert diagnosis and treatment. Call (281) 497-2850 or request an appointment online.

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