Bunion Surgery May Be Your Best Option

Bunion Surgery

May Be Your

Best Option

Millions of manufacturing workers spend hours on their feet every day at work. Others believe that office dress codes require fancy shoes and spend their days teetering on high heels that put all their weight on the forefoot. With employment rates back on the rise, we are seeing more problems with the feet due to ill-fitting shoes and overuse. A common foot problem that can be aggravated by being on your feet and wearing heels is bunions. When the condition gets really severe, bunion surgery may be the only treatment that relieves your pain.

If you’ve tried all of the other treatment options, such as orthotics, taping the toes, and even switching to better-fitting shoes, and nothing has worked, then it may be time to try surgery. There are different kinds of surgeries that can be used to fix the bone that is causing that painful bump on your toe. We can repair and realign the ligaments or the joints, put an implant in your foot, or remove the bump altogether. Every case is different.

The recovery period can last for about six to eight weeks, or in severe cases even as long as a year, but Dr. Parker has been able to get bunion patients back in their running shoes as early as 10 days post-op! It’s important to take care of your foot during this time and to follow all post-operative instructions. You should keep the wound clean so as to keep infection from setting in. After you are healed you may be required to undergo physical therapy or wear an orthotic to keep the bunion from re-forming.

If you need to have a bunion looked at or would like to schedule a surgical procedure, call Dr. Robert Parker at 281-497-2850 or book online. At Parker Foot and Ankle in Houston we offer the best quality of care to all of our patients. We want your feet to be healthy so you can continue to work hard and play hard.

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