Break Free From Sugar To Increase Your Nerve Health

Break Free

From Sugar To

Increase Your

Nerve Health

Are you constantly seeking medical help for various symptoms (rashes, headaches, fatigue) and coming home with vague diagnoses and treatments for symptoms but not a real solution to the problem? Or maybe you have been diagnosed with diabetes and want to learn more about how sugar affects your health. We highly recommend the book Sugar Crush, written by noted nerve surgeon (and personal friend of Dr. Parker) Dr. Richard Jacoby.

The rise in diabetes in the USA—and the peripheral neuropathy that often accompanies it—has been fully documented. Every year a higher percentage of people suffer from this disease, and it is causing more limb problems and amputations than ever before. When you realize that sugar consumption is at the basis of many of these issues, it gives you an incentive to kick the sugar habit and move your health into higher gear.

Sugar Crush can help. Not only does it use multidisciplinary science to show the ties between sugar and nerve compression, it also tells you how you can make changes that will stop the progression of nerve damage and even reverse it. It even includes a quiz to help you assess how badly your nerves have been affected.

Nerves are involved in every process in the body. Peripheral nerves receive and send messages to and from your brain for movement, the five senses, and a host of other necessary functions. Autonomic nerves allow your digestive system and organs to operate without your consciously directing them, keeping your whole body functioning. When nerves begin to deteriorate, all types of symptoms can occur, including pain, tingling, weakness, and numbness or loss of sensation in your feet. Needless to say this can be debilitating as well as uncomfortable.

Want to change all that? The staff at Parker Parker Foot & Ankle encourages you to read Dr. Jacoby’s book and follow his suggestions for reducing your sugar and carb consumption and helping your nerves become healthy again. To have your foot issues evaluated and find out more, give our office in Houston a call at (281) 497-2850 and set up a visit. We practice the same revolutionary surgical techniques as Dr. Jacoby and have his endorsement for patients in Houston struggling with nerve pain. We want to help make your feet and your whole body as healthy as it can be, so you can fully enjoy your life. Call or request an appointment online today!

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