Ankle Pain: When To Make An

Appointment With Dr. Robert Parker

Ankle Pain:

When To

Make An


With Dr.

Robert Parker

Chronic ankle pain can occur if injuries are left untreated. Houston Texan Quarterback, Matt Schaub, likely understands the implications of this type of injury after his return to play ended with a disappointing loss to the Seahawks in week 4 play. While Houston fans cheer for his full recovery, the experts at Parker Foot & Anklewant you to know that sprains, stress fractures, and breaks of the ankle can sideline you if not treated properly.

Ankle injuries occur quickly, and no one is immune to the sudden unnatural twisting or bending that occurs when you miss a step, or lose your footing on uneven terrain. What you do after an injury will mean the difference between ongoing pain and a timely recovery.

Ignoring an injury to the ankle will likely lead to long-term issues including instability. This means that re-injury may occur because the initial problem was not treated. The ankles withstand a large amount of pressure, and any compromise to their structure increases the risk of sprains and other ankle conditions. If you experience discomfort, repeated injuries, or if your ankle always hurts, you should make an appointment today.

Chronic ankle pain can be the result of many different issues, so it is vital to see Dr. Parker for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Don’t let ankle pain rule each day—answers are just a phone call away. Make an appointment today by calling Parker Foot & Ankle at (281) 497-2850, or enjoy the ease of requesting an appointment online.

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