America’s Pastime And Foot Injuries


Pastime And

Foot Injuries

Spring fever includes making time for America’s pastime—baseball. Cheer on your favorite Little League, high school or college team, enjoy the Astros opening day at Minute Maid Park, or join a rec league if you want to be part of the action yourself. If you play or someone you know plays, however, prepare yourself for the possibility that baseball injuries may be part of the season.

How many ways can you think of that a baseball player could injure a foot? We can easily think of 5 without even trying:

  • Starting training too quickly (overuse injuries)
  • Hitting a foul ball off your foot
  • Sliding into a base
  • Catching your cleats in the field and overextending your big toe joint
  • Tripping and wrenching your ankle in a hole or mushy field

You can add to the list. Although this isn’t the usual type of contact sport, there is plenty of “contact” with the bat, ball, ground, or other players during practice and competition.

Baseball injuries include problems like Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, bruises, sprains, muscle strains, cuts and scrapes, and even an occasional fracture. That’s why it is important that you consult us before playing—whether you are 5 or 65—to make sure that you don’t have any foot or gait issues that could make injury more likely.

We can provide you with a conditioning routine that includes warming up with jumping jacks or light running around the bases, and dynamic movements and stretches that will help prepare your muscles, tendons and ligaments for play and reduce your risk of injury.

We can also advise you about the proper type and fit of shoes for the sport. This is really important for supporting your arch as well as maintaining your footing on the field.

For kids, it is important not to let them play the sport year around—even when there are leagues available. Taking a break for other activities enables them to develop broader skills and helps avoid overuse injuries by allowing their bodies to recuperate between seasons.

If the worst happens and you or your child has a foot injury, consult with Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston, TX to find out exactly what is wrong and what treatment you may need. You can reach us by phone at (281) 497-2850 or request an appointment online. We are Houston’s foot and ankle experts, and we’ll help your injury heal fully so you can enjoy America’s pastime every year without chronic pain or instability.

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