5 Tips For Home Arthritis Relief

5 Tips For Home

Arthritis Relief

Extended weekends like Labor Day make for a wonderful end-of-summer “hurrah” and last chance to get in a short vacation. If you choose to enjoy a “stay-cation,” it’s still an excuse to enjoy a nice cook-out and fun activities with your friends and family. Even if you have arthritis, you should be able to enjoy a fun weekend with people you care about. Joint pain can feel pretty limiting at times, but a few home treatments should alleviate it and allow you to enjoy activities again.

Arthritis is a problem with inflammation and tissue deterioration in your joints, stiffening them. Multiple issues can cause the problem, but ultimately, using your joints regularly is painful—which, of course, can inhibit your activities and even your mobility in general. Arthritis is a chronic issue that usually deteriorates with time, so it won’t get better if you ignore it. Alleviating the strain on your lower limbs does eliminate some of the pain.

Here are a few things you can do at home to ease your joint stiffness:

  • Wear Good Shoes – Make sure your footwear has plenty of support through your arch and cushioning in the sole. A stiff or rocker-bottom sole might help reduce some strain on toes.
  • Use Orthotics – These help control abnormal motion, fix foot alignment, and cushion the feet, all of which could reduce strain on the lower limbs.
  • Stretch and Strengthen – Tight or weakened tissues stress your joints. Work on your range of motion and muscle strength for natural support.
  • Massage Your Feet – Massages feel good and improve circulation, both of which help with pain.
  • Stick to Low-Impact – Avoid hard-impact activities that might make your joints hurt more.

The most important thing is to resist the temptation to stop moving, even though moving makes your joints ache. Contrary to what many people think, avoiding movement because it hurts doesn’t stop the stiffness—it makes it worse.

When stiffness and pain are severe, or associated with foot deformities such as bunions or hammertoes, you need expert care. Dr. Parker has been performing surgery to repair foot deformities and improve foot arthritis for more than four decades. He’ll discover the source of your pain, evaluate whether or not surgery is right for you, and help you get back to enjoying your life. Make an appointment with us through our website. You can also call us directly at (281) 497-2850.

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