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Dr. Robert Parker

Whether you are looking for ways to relieve foot pain that's bothering you or looking for a Podiatrist to treat your pain, you've come to the right place.

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Advanced Foot Care and Treatment: Bringing You Relief Today

  • Do your feet have burning, tingling pain 24/7? Do you dread getting up in the morning because it means you have to stand on your throbbing feet?
  • Is painful burning, tingling, or numbness in your feet, ankles, and lower limbs preventing you from accomplishing daily tasks, sleeping at night, and enjoying your life?
  • Have you heard another foot doctor tell you they don’t know what’s wrong, have prescribed treatments that don’t work, or told you that nothing can be done for this and that you need to take a prescription every day for the rest of your life?

If so, you’re not alone.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. With more than four decades in practice and a dedication to continuously incorporate cutting-edge research, techniques, and technologies into his work, Dr. Robert Parker—Houston’s high-tech podiatrist—has the experience, tools, and training you need to find relief from even the most stubborn foot pain.

Although we provide treatment for a whole range of foot and ankle conditions, we’re especially proud of our specialties in the surgical treatment of peripheral nerve disease (such as entrapment neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, and compression neuropathy), heel pain, bunion correction, children’s flatfeet, and laser treatment for fungal toenails.

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Nullifying Nerve Pain in Your Lower Limbs

We have a health crisis in this country—our obsession with sugar and carbs in particular contributes not only to expanding waistlines, but also inflicts severe damage on the nervous system and causes everything from burning and tingling to debilitating pain, disability, and amputations. Compression neuropathy, often related to poor diet and lifestyle, herds million into pre-diabetic/diabetic disease, which is the leading culprit for painful neuropathy, burning, tingling in the feet, ankles, and lower legs.

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A founder, fellow, and immediate past president of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons (AENS), Dr. Parker is an expert in both surgical and non-surgical treatment of nerve conditions and is dedicated to the continuing study and development of new treatments for nerve disease. In fact, he is one of the AENS faculty, teaching other surgeons both fundamental and advanced surgical techniques.

If you’re suffering from burning, numbness, and pain in your lower limbs, few in Texas are better equipped to understand your condition and help you find relief, whether you need surgery, nutritional coaching, rehabilitation therapy, lasers, regenerative or restorative medicine, or other treatment strategies.

Sugar Crush, a new book by Dr. Parker’s long-time friend and fellow nerve surgeon Dr. Richard Jacoby, perfectly describes the ongoing health crisis and comes strongly recommended by Dr. Parker.  The book is a great resource and roadmap to avoiding and alleviating the health impacts of too much sugar and high glycemic index carbohydrates (which turn into sugar), and will teach you just how destructive they are to our bodies, especially the nerves.

Halting Houston’s Heel Pain

Heel pain is perhaps the most common foot-related issue, with perhaps half the American population dealing with it at some point during their lives. We’re not talking about temporary soreness here—this is chronic, stabbing, even debilitating pain that reminds you of its presence every time you get out of bed or take a step.

Heel pain often does not have one specific cause. Multiple diagnoses could be at play, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon problems, bursitis, and more. If your heel is hurting, Dr. Parker will put his decades of experience and state-of-the-art technologies to work to correctly identify the source of your pain, using his new diagnostic ultrasound grading system, and provide the most effective treatment strategies for your individual situation.

Toppling Toenail Fungus for Good with State-of-the-Art Technology

Toenail fungus, which causes yellowed, thickened, anddeformed nails, is a persistent foe—once it finds a way under your nail and infects the nail bed and matrix, it is often very difficult to eradicate. The traditional treatment method involves a powerful oral antifungal regimen that comes with both significant side effects and a high failure rate.

However, technology has changed the equation. Dr. Parker was the first Houston podiatrist to begin laser nail treatment, and the results have been astounding! With our current tech, the FDA-approved Fotona laser, we are seeing cure rates as high as 85%, with no pain or side effects. Thanks to this breakthrough technology, you no longer have to live with thick, crumbly, embarrassing fungal toenails. Visit us for no-mess, no-fuss, no-side-effects treatment.

Battling Bunions

Bunions are caused by genetic factors, with ill-fitting shoes often exacerbating and accelerating the problem. The resulting deformity is more than just an aesthetic problem, as the foot may rub painfully against the inside of your shoe and catalyze further problems, such as hammertoes.

Depending on the severity of your bunion, and there are three basic categories- mild, moderate, and severe. Conservative treatments such as padding, physical therapy, injections, and shoe modifications may provide relief. If the condition progresses, or you are in the moderate or severe category, surgery may become necessary to correct the problem. Dr. Parker has been performing bunion surgeries of various types on patients his entire career, and was the first to in Houston to perform the Austin and Z-bunionectomy surgical methods. (He also personally knows Dr. Austin and Dr. Gudas, the doctors who originally developed these procedures). If you’re desperate for relief from bunion pain, you’ve come to the right place.

Other Foot Concerns? Trust Houston’s High-Tech Podiatrist

We all know well the frustrating medical environment with distracted doctors and mediocre care. But when you’re in pain, your feet deserve to be treated with the utmost care, and you deserve a comfortable and successful visit!

Since 1970, Dr. Parker has been helping people just like you get back on their feet after a whole range of foot and ankle conditions, including sports injuries, arch and ball of foot pain, tendon problems, pediatric conditions, and more. He has an international presence, serving patients from all over the world and earning referrals from multiple doctors for his specialized care. Trained and experienced in both conservative and surgical care, if your feet are hurting, we can help. For your convenience, we are located in the Energy Corridor, which is rapidly becoming the new center of Houston.

Contact us by phone at 281-497-2850 or toll-free at 855-465-2577 to schedule an appointment. Remember, they’re your feet, but it’s our passion to help make them pain-free and healthy. Let us help you feel comfortable in your own shoes again. Call now to get the proper care, treatment, and support you should expect from a doctor.


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