What's the difference between a corn and callus?

While corns and calluses are very similar, they are separate skin problems. You can have one without the other. A corn is a small buildup of extra layers of dead skin in a raised, cone-shaped bump. They tend to have hard centers and the skin around them often appears inflamed. Typically they develop in non-weight bearing areas like the side of your foot or on top of toes. They’re also uncomfortable when you press on them. Calluses are made of extra layers of dead skin as well, but they are large and flat. They develop in weight-bearing areas like the ball of the foot and the heel. These may or may not be uncomfortable, depending on where they are on your foot and how thick they’ve become.

A corn or callus that is uncomfortable needs to be taken care of. You should never try to cut or shave one, however. Instead, get professional help to determine the best way to eliminate the problem. Dr. Robert Parker and our team at Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston can help you do this easily. Call (281) 497-2850 to make an appointment with us.

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