Can I Still Run if I Have Freiberg’s Disease?

Unfortunately, running and Freiberg’s disease will cause you a lot of pain. The hard impacts on your metatarsal heads when you run will only break down the damaged tissue faster. The good news, however, is that most people are able to return to sports—including running—once they have completely healed. How long you will have to wait until you can go back to your activity will depend on the severity of your condition and its treatment.

Conservative measures involve a period of rest and immobilizing the foot in either a stiff-soled shoe with orthotics or in a cast. Usually, once the symptoms have disappeared, you can begin easing back into running. Surgical intervention can involve removing loose bone pieces, remodeling the metatarsal head, or cutting out the damaged tissue. These procedures require a longer healing time, meaning it may be several months before you can return to running again. The sooner the problem is caught, however, the more likely conservative treatments will help get you back on your feet. Let Dr. Robert Parker at Parker Foot & Ankle evaluate your Freiberg’s disease. Call (281) 497-2850 or use the website to reach our Houston office for an appointment.

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